Case Studies

G3 Youth Housing

Scope of Consultancy: Team development through innovative staff conference
September 2009



Rooftop is a group of four housing associations that provide a range of housing solutions to meet the needs of communities across the West Midlands, sharing a single set of values and objectives. G3 as part of the group offer support for young people aged between 16 and 25, providing specialist housing, support and advice, as well as opportunities for development and learning, with the aim of enabling young people to lead an independent life. Each year G3 organise a staff conference and look to make the event as special as possible and in particular different from the previous year.

The Brief

  • Charlton HR were engaged by G3 to organise and facilitate an ‘innovative, interesting and different’ staff conference for all of their 40+ staff.


  • The conference was held at the Model Village in Lydney ( with all activities taking place outdoors
  • As well as the standard professional development sessions led by senior staff there were sessions on Coping with Stress led by a Yoga teacher, a singing workshop and a craft workshop.
  • The response to the day was very positive with an overall satisfaction rating of 88%. People clearly enjoyed the event and seven out of eight sessions scored above 70%.
  • The most rewarding part of the day was the aspect of working together, particularly in the singing workshop, but encompassed the day overall.
  • The singing session was most frequently identified as the most rewarding and achieved a rating of 92%.

Feedback from participants

‘Fun, informative, therapeutic, positive’
‘Everyone joined as a team’
‘Brilliant teamwork in the singing shows what we can do as an organisation’
‘Absolutely fantastic day’
‘Great day, thank you all’
‘Good fun day, we should do it more’
‘Really enjoyable day’

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Don't take our word for it...

"Charlton HR has supported us to implement a very successful senior management recruitment process that every organisation should implement to ensure you really get the best person for the job. I would recommend them every time"
Sonia Hutchison, Chief Executive - Carers Centre Bath & NE Somerset 

"The clear definition between equality and diversity has been really helpful, something that I can cascade to staff"
Anon - Diversity Course 

"It was great working with you again and many thanks for all your input and work on this. All came away enthused. This wouldn't have happened without your energy and the expertise you brought."
Hazel Lonsdale, Chief Executive, Third Sector Services