Charlton HR is a cloud based HR software system that stores all your staff records securely in the cloud. It offers a wealth of practical advantages that help make managing your people easier.

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Employee self service means you can allow your employees to maintain their own personal data and bank details, request time off  and then allow their manager to audit and approve the requests without ever needing to come to HR or to submit any more pieces of paper. Employees can also view their goals and training. Optionally, you can also allow them to view their performance reviews and warnings.

Maintain Employee details At the heart of every HR operation and decision is your employees Having the right information available at the right time is key to making those decisions. Within the employee file you can store everything from basic employee personal details to emergency contacts as well as copies of documents, training record, performance warnings, annual reviews and much, much more.

Manage company and employee documents Through document management you can upload all your company documents, handbooks, policies and procedures as well as individual employee documents to Charlton HR and then make available those you decide are public whilst ensuring that the confidential data remains confidential.

There are over 70 pre built reports and charts covering a wide range of use cases and requirements. The reports we provide cover categories such as:

  • Employee
  • Employee moves
  • Timeoff
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Performance
  • Financial
  • Organisation including organisation chart

Time off Manager Tracking time off can be a very time consuming and laborious task especially if you have more than a handful of employees. Charlton HR enables you to track all employee time off including defining your own time off types so you can track the things which are important to you and then all the occurrences are shown on a company calendar so you can see a snapshot of who is off when and so on. Employees can book and manage their own time off whilst managers approve the requests via self service making this a very simple and efficient process. With very powerful and highly customisable time off options you can be sure of finding a solution which meets your time off requirements.

Performance management Don’t let performance reviews fall by the way side and leave HR to nag Managers to get them completed. Build your own totally custom performance management forms then set up a performance review schedule and send out reminders to both employees and managers ahead of completion dates. Whether your process is to have Managers and Employees sit down and complete a performance review together or complete reviews individually ahead of a performance meeting we can track what’s happening.

Goal setting Your company probably has some major goals and you would expect your employees to know them – but where does your employees’ day to day workload fit in with these goals? Our goal setting sections sits within the performance management module and allows you to set goals at a company or individual level and even allow Managers to cascade goals to other team members.




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