Contracts, Staff Handbooks, HR Policies

We can devise or update your HR policies and paperwork so that you meet current legal requirements either as part of an annual contract or as a one-off commission.

Employee Contracts are a legal requirement, they set out an employee’s terms and conditions of employment and need to be provided within 8 weeks of employment commencing.

A good well written staff contract combined with a user friendly staff handbook can set the tone for how your employees perceive they should behave at work.

Staff Handbooks are designed to let your employees know the important stuff they will need whilst working for you.  It is not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise in the workplace or to provide information that answers every possible question. Having clearly written policies and procedures will help to resolve many problems that may arise. 

Staff Handbooks should cover:

Expected Standards of Performance and Behaviour at work
Working Time
Leaving the Organisation
What happens if things go wrong
Disciplinary Procedure
Grievance Procedure
Health and Safety

Certain HR Policies and Procedures are necessary to comply with legal requirements but employers find it helpful to have other policies in place to provide clear guidance for making decisions and handling any issues.  It also helps employees to be clear about the organisation’s stance on a particular subject and offers a sense of order and fairness.

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