Strategic Project Management

Here at Charlton HR we believe that HR’s best contribution to a business is on helping to ensure that a company is able to get the best from its employees. This is measured not through satisfaction surveys or in your ranking in the Top 100 Companies list but in the bottom line. Our focus is on effectiveness and efficiency.

Effectiveness is the degree to which the tasks employees are engaged on are linked to the aims of the business. Efficiency refers to eliminating the blocks and barriers that stand in their way. There are a number of ways that we are able to help organisations grow and develop through working with them at a deeper level with the results gauged over a longer time than when we are sorting an immediate problem.

Organisational Design

We have a great deal of expertise in helping to design management and staffing structures that make the best use of the team and help deliver effective and efficient teams. We know and understand how people communicate and whether it is about their physical location or about how they use technology we can provide advice and guidance.

Our work in Birmingham with a community development company is a good example of this. Following the departure of the previous project manager there was a period of over a year when the centre operated without a paid manager. The Directors divided the management responsibility for the project amongst themselves but the detail and complexity of management tasks meant that vital aspects of the work were not done. We were able to step in and create an entirely new structure with new relationships and ways of working that transformed the company. (See our case study here)

When we were involved in helping 4 different organisations spread across Wiltshire to merge together to create one new company we had a huge range of issues to consider. Getting the staff who had been working in competing organisations to work together in the new structure was a challenge. We had to decide on the location for each member of staff and size of each office and devise a new way of working to harness the best efforts of everyone. (See our case study here)

Employee Engagement

This is not a question of being nice to employees and hoping they’ll work harder; it is about truly understanding that there are specific things you can do as a company to boost the productivity of staff.

The level of colleague engagement contributes up to 15% of a store’s year on year growth

Are you aware that by increasing the engagement of your employees you directly affect the bottom line:

  • The top 25% of companies with engaged employees had twice the annual net income compared to the lowest 25%
  • They returned seven times more to shareholders over a 5 year period than the lowest 25%

We have developed a specialism in helping organisations put in place the practices and policies that help to deliver these sorts of results.

In 2014 our work with Clarendon Home Care had a massive impact on all areas of their business at almost every level. We measured the impact of our work and found that:

  • Trust in line managers went from 62% to 78%
  • Trust in the company was up from 46% to 75%
  • Intention to leave went down from 58% to 32%
  • Motivation levels were up from 73% to 86%
  • Feelings of loyalty to the company were up from 76% to 98%
  • Feelings of pride in the company were up from 68% to 92%

Visit our Case Study here

Staff Surveys

A great place to begin is with a staff survey. This is a simple questionnaire that we can use to see how staff are feeling at a particular moment in time. It helps identify the immediate blocks and barriers they are experiencing and points the way to what changes are needed to help address them.

After the survey it is usually a small step to devising an action plan that can be shared with staff that they see will address the issues they have identified. This significantly increases the chances that the changes will be implemented as they originate with the staff.


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Don't take our word for it...

"It was great working with you again and many thanks for all your input and work on this. All came away enthused. This wouldn't have happened without your energy and the expertise you brought."
Hazel Lonsdale, Chief Executive, Third Sector Services 

"Although I remain focused upon my goals, it is very valuable when re-assessing them to have the support and help from another person, just as a coach would work with a sports person"
Client S 

"Excellent stimulating day which has added greatly to my knowledge and understanding"
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